How much do models earn?

Models can earn thousands of dollars per shoot, and some of the best supermodels are millionaires. As the media evolves and the Internet gets more and more connected, thereís only going to be more demand for modeling and even though modeling can be an incredibly lucrative career, the fact about how much do models earn could very well shock even the best of us.

A thousand dollars a shoot sounds fantastic for an aspiring model, and wouldnít it be great if that could happen every day? If it were that simple, weíd all be models! Instead the truth about how much do models earn is that a typical photo shoot can take more than three days meaning that you may be lucky to see $20 per hour after itís all over.

Looking at how much do models earn, itís easy to be dumbfounded by international superstars such as Kate Moss who have managed to amass a small fortune in the modeling industry. The sad fact is though, that the average model may barely make enough to break even! When looking at how much do models earn itís important to take into account things such as local taxes, agency expenses and commission which can be more than 30% in many cases!

Combined with all the additional expenses that a model has to bare, youíre often left doing some shots entirely for free by the time the modeling agency takes its cut and expenses out of the profits. As a result, the truth about how much do models earn can often be a great deal less than any agency will quote you. Unless you can get regular work as a model, you may very well be stuck with pursuing it as a hobby.

Modeling is an absolutely fantastic career, and itís very well a job that could take you to all four corners of the world, however if youíre committed to becoming a model, itís important not to think about how much do models earn, but how much you love modeling, as the supermodels really are the exception to the norm. When looking at how much do models earn, they have managed to forge their own careers and instead of working for the agencies, the modeling agencies now work for them! The truth however, is that youíll rarely make anything other than enough to cover expenses.

The secret to how much do models earn is that if you want to have a good career as a model, then you need to take advantage of as many different types of modeling as possible. If youíre lucky however, the local media may notice you, and then itís only a matter of time until you start seeing the benefits. As a model, you can have a good life, but youíre going to be flying from place to place. From runway modeling to glamour and fashion modeling itís an industry thatís as wide and varied as you are. Itís not just how skinny and pretty you are either, but instead looking at all your qualities and showcasing what really makes you special.